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Interrail 2017 - the supplement tour

Once again we cannot travel with the classic 30 day Interrail Global Pass and I am forced to plan with 22 days. Despite the dreaded supplements we will travel through Spain and Portugal. We meet up with our friends Elke and Hartmut in Luxembourg for breakfast. From there we take the TGV to Southern France. The Abo Forfait reservations still keep working. At the end of our impressive tour will have spent a mere 20 EUR per person on supplements.

Itinerary: Karlsruhe, Luxembourg, Perpignan, La Tour de Carole, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela, Porto, Douro valley, Tomar, Lissabon, Evora, Marvao, Caceres, Madrid, Zaragosa, Canfranc, Toulouse, Paris, Karlsruhe
- 22 day rail journey across 8 European countries
- 6,922 rail kilometers covered