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Interrail Non-Stop 1987 - the World Record Tour

An epic journey and a dream come true. One month of non-stop travelling on Europes rails. Being on track daily. Eating, sleeping, living on board of trains. Destination: travel! Today Paris, tommorrow Madrid and after tommorrow Lisbon. Crossing the Scottish Highlands on Monday, seeing the Amsterdam canals on Tuesday, passing Jutland on Wednesday. Experiencing new landscapes and people every day and every hour. Indulging in the overwhelming emotion of arrival and departure. Despite seeing lots of railway stations I had the unique chance to visit wonderful cities, watch spectacular landscapes pass by my windows, and meet a lot of interesting people. At the end of my journey I had crossed 17 European countries and covered an incredible 36,000 kilometres which entitled me to an entry in the Guinnes Book of World Records. I had achieved my ultimate goal of being the Interrail Champion.

Itinerary: Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Narvik, Lulea, Trondheim, Fauske, Oslo, Bergen, Oslo, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Paris, Karlsruhe, Basel, Paris, Brest, Bordeaux, Irun, Vigo, Porto, Lisbon, Ayamonte, Huelva, Madrid, Barcelona, Marseille, Genova, Rome, Catania, Enna, Palermo, Villa S. Giovanni, Bari, Bologna, Venice, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Beograd, Athens, Belgrade, Vienna, Basel, Paris, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Lulea, Oulu, Helsinki, Oulu, Lulea, Stockholm, Copenhagen.
- 30 day rail journey through 17 European countries
- 36,060 covered rail kilometres

Tour Information:
original kilometre planning >>
change of itinerary after loss of backpack >>
Finnish police recaptures my backpack >>
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